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Default First post and First build

Greetings from land of humidity, also known as florida. Just(literally) finished my first build on a 94' GT mountain bike. It was an interesting process. I am fairly mechanically inclined, but this was a different undertaking. Working with a skyhawk GT5, and rear sprocket rubber that was obviously sitting in a bent position and took me over an hour just to put the sprocket on... Then I got to do it again when I realized it was on backward(first attempt at starting threw the chain) Clutch was stuck. had to adjust that.. It's been loads of fun. haha. Also. Why do they not send these kits with clamps for the fuel line? I appreciated the fairly decent line instead of the fishtank hose, but without clamps it won't even stay on. Oh well.

Edit/ After some more riding, I've noticed that if I open the choke I can go full throttle. but have no low end power. but with it closed I get the low end and such.

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