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Default Pull Starts SUCK!!!!!

I can't believe this is $50 I have put into magnetos because of the pull start mechanism. I have replaced 3 times and now a 4th purchase will have to made. This is so annoying. And magnetos are Not the easiest thing to take out and replace. It has to be done, but damn it, I just want it to know. Any help with what to do would be greatly appreciated. It's a simple install with the starter, but the magneto just keeps messing up. I originally thought it might be the cdi or coil, maybe even the spark plug, but got all new of that in (got extras), but nope the damn magneto it was all 3 times...only once the pull start was on it.
I have a lucky early bird 66cc motor from ebay, and the centrifugal clutch aftermarket put on it. It's on a Chopper Spoiler.
Thanks everyone.
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