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Default Re: New guy, what to get?

My $.02

I have had a HT on a beach cruiser.
Then a HT on a mountain bike with a SBP shift kit
Beach cruiser with a Titan 50 4 stroke (honda clone) on a scooterguy mount
Staton friction drive with a Honda 50
Staton axle mount with a Subaru 35
Golden eagle (belt drive) with a Honda 35
Current ride: Staton friction with a Titan GT50R (2-stroke)

With that experience: Here are my thoughts
I wouldn't run a HT even if you gave it to me.
Golden eagle is the quietest.
The Honda 50 is a stump puller.
I will never buy a Honda clone again.
Saton gearboxs take 1000 miles to break in...... and then are still louder then everything else.

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