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Default Re: watch what females are around your bike.

Maybe Jaobthebugman can answer this. I was raised in South Florida. We had a bug we always called palmetto bugs. They were anywhere from two to three inches long with what looked like huge mandibles out front but which were really legs. When I tried to find a picture wikipedia shows cock raoches. I know what cock roaches are and they aren't what we called palmetto bugs.
Coincidentally they had the same bugs in Viet Nam and Thailand. There they called them rice bugs and I saw kids fighting over them to snap the heads off and eat the insides.
What the heck were they? They had wings and could fly but usually they just crawled on your screened in porch and scared the heck out of people who had never seen one.
Huge puppies, greenish brown in color.
Anyone in the south know what I'm talking about?
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