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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

...Nice handle-basket !
I'm wondering about the size....

Took her out for a spin to the hardware store to get free popcorn, allen head bolts for the rear sprocket, an O-ring for the nt carby, and allens for the chain tensioner.

Much smoother trip than prior with the nt, but still running way fat at mid and hi rpm. The #65 drill is WAY too big for the main jet, so I gotta go get more drills to see where I'm at before seeing how much smaller I should go.

Two tax collectors passed me by, at different times. I was relieved. Hope I can go long as possible without an encounter... Who knows???

The Great Master was leaking between the body and insulator so I pulled it out and put in Lima Delta brand from the other kit. No change in performance on that count. I did notice the plug threads were carboned up for the same distance past where the plug threads in... the plug thread on the body is not long enough for this straight head...

I went from the hardware to O'Reilly's auto parts and got the NGK B6HS that is advised, and it doesn't have a proper length thread, either. Guess I better go to NGK site and find out what plug is REALLY for this cylinder head.

Went by a radar speed detector as the second tax collector was passing me near the auto parts store... I was going 13mph LOL and I was nearly at the speed I cruise at, which is probably 15 - 18mph there on the main street of town.

Made a cheapie tool to align the rear sprocket, but did not have the new bolts yet.

Got home safely and avoided skidding out in the gravel driveway! Yay!
(I'm NOT too old to learn!)
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