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Default Um, Yeah I'm pretty excited.

You can probably see it in my face!! I went to Wal-Mart to look at a couple of things for the house today. I walked by the bikes, and looked at a couple of Schwinns I like. I figured I'd go ahead and drop under two hundred bucks for a decent bike. But, no matter what, I keep going back to that Panama Jack bike, with the cup holder, bottle opener and pleather bag upfront. I'm not a big Huffy guy, but I couldn't argue with the price. 148.00. Talked to this guy who assembles them, and he tells me it's a great bike. I'm asking him how come the Schwinn is cheaper, he said because this specific Huffy is actually pretty decent. And then he took the Huffy out for me, and the Schwinn, and made me ride them both. Then he put them side by side and they were identical. I liked the way the Huffy looks better, but I liked the Schwinn name better. He then told me if I liked bargains, lol, HELLS YEAH! He said they got a return the other day that's missing a front fender, and they would discount it for me. I asked how much, he said, "I dunno, 10, 20 percent". I told him, make it %30 and it's a deal. So, he talked to a manager, and next thing you know, I owe Wally-World 104 bucks for the bike. WOW, what a deal. .
I've been looking to get a bike to motorize. I've been scoping this site, looking at how-to vids ad articles. I'm 30 percent there. I just need a good motor next. Then comes installation. I'm a Jet Engine Mechanic by nature, so I'm not worried about installation, I just wanna ride!!

So, I'm thinking of a 66-80 CC motor. What do you guys think? Which is a good motor for under 200 Bucks??

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