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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by NewOrleansFlyer View Post
I turned some Cherry wood handlebar grips...tomorrow...Bird's Eye Maple is on tap...
Any pictures of these hand grips, would like to see em!

How about a CNC Mill/Lathe using some scan of a person’s hand, then it makes ergonomic shape to grasp?

I have thought of using some of this thin bendable birch plywood and covering some areas of my motor bike with it. I am going to see how close areas that are near heat from the engine are before finally making any decision though. The birch has nice grain and is a bit light colored, but I may use dark walnut stain on it and maybe also put gloss over that.

What I don't want to have is colors of paint that do not go well with the wood color, but I already have red for all except the engine black high temp type, so I may or may not try this.

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