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Default New 26" drive wheel suggestions....

I've been riding my gas bike a couple weeks now, since the bike was used to start with I am finding the old wheel wobbles I remember when pedaling become a real concern with an engine. So I have decided perhaps I should look into getting an entire new drive wheel for my bike instead of messing around with this old wheel and rag joint sprocket...
What I have now is an early 90's Specialized 26" rim with a Shimano 7-Speed Hyperglide Deore LX FH-M550 hub with indexed shifters. I would like to put a 26" rim on the bike that has a solid drive sprocket connection, like a disc brake mount converted or perhaps a wheel/hub designed specifically for a bike with an engine? I am not sure what all my options are???
I came across this link on ebay for a hub with a drive sprocket and a drum brake, has anybody tried one? 80cc motor bike - 44 t sprocket hub/axel w drum brake - eBay (item 140496627421 end time Jul-31-11 13:58:28 PDT)
I would like to get a nice new 26" wheel with a proper engine side sprocket setup and preferably retain the 7 speed setup I have now on the pedal side. It would be nice to have improved braking, I know the engine sprocket pretty much counts out rear disk brakes, but there is room over there for some kind of brake next to the sprocket, perhaps the drum brake? I want something solid, am willing to go the whole wheel route, or hub/rim/spokes if that will be more economical....
Any suggestions for wheels/hubs I should be looking at are greatly appreciated.....
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