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Default Reason #53 - because I am Dutch.

There was a thread recently asking about your motivation for having a motorized bicycle which I found very interesting. Some people are into them as toys, others as their only transportation, others to save on gas, and on and on...

Got me thinking about my "why". I live in the country and work in the city (long way), so my bike is not a commuter for me. I have several cars and constantly haul a lot of stuff, so it is not typically a convenient mode of transport for me. While I hate paying $60+ to fill a car, that is not too much of a burden for me.

But - I like motors and always have. Monkeying on this bike (or other toys) is my relaxation time. So one of my reasons is because it is cheap therapy.

Also today I needed a few small items from the local hardware store for a home project. About 12 miles round trip and I took the bike - country roads, several friendly waves, beautiful weather - all in all a great ride. The joy of the ride itself is another reason.

During that ride, my Dutch "cheapskate" genes kicked in and I calculated - 12 miles at 100 MPG at $4/gal vs a car at 17MPG is a savings of $2.38. Excellent. One more reason why.

Then my almost 14 year old son came out and asked if we could build him one for when he can get a moped license at 15. One more reason why.

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