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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

U don't have to be humble opinion when racing along on a morini, GH ! LOL
Yah, I agree the ht's definitely have their place and will only lose it if outlawed.
then only outlaws will have em! lol

And just which corner hardeware store are you gettin' all those purdy colors at Dan????
Beavis is in North Stonington... I'll have him grab some and mail it to me!

Here in Wonderful Magnificent Shiny Shakey Kalifornia with hotrods and harleys and dirtbikes ALL OVER the place, I can't find nice looking fuel hose at 3 different auto parts, one hot rod specialty shop, two lawnmower shops, 3 hardware stores, and two custom chopper shops AND the Harley Dealer!

Go figger...

(I need a source.)
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