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I absolutely agree with you....but I don't have a machine shop. How am I supposed to fix a broken head bolt by myself? After Duane repaired the head bolt issue and returned it to me-it wouldn't start.

I replaced the sparkplug, CDI and carb off of the other running GT50 R I own and used starting fluid and just about every other trick in the book-no go, it wouldn't start. Hence, me having to send the engine back a second time.

The whole time this is going on, Duane couldn't have been nicer and more professional. I know that if he can't get it to start-he will either fix it or replace it.

I probably run across at least a dozen people a week that ask me about my bike-first thing I do is give them Duane's website address and explain to them how good his customer service is.

Sure, the first engine he sold me might be a dud- but I know for a fact he will make it right.

If I sell someone a computer and 3 days later it stops working-I don't tell them to try a bunch of stuff and hope it works-I go to their home of place of business and if I can't fix it- I replace it. It might be a huge hassle for me and cost me lost time and added expense-but that's *my* problem....not the customers.

If someone sells me an engine and it breaks 10 days after I buy is that my problem? I expect the person I bought it from to make it right-and that's what Duane is doing.
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