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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?


water cooled morini !!!
That's got to be a nice motor compared to these ht's. :-)
Do you race them in competition?

Took my motorized bicycle for a little spin today on the ever expanding search for a nice looking bit of fuel line. Swapped the cns for an nt yesterday, and it seems to have lost a little power overall, but is 4 stroking a lot less which might mean I'm on the right track???

Put a small bag thingy on the handlebars that came with a salvage bike. Kind of a girly lookin' thingy, maybe for a disk player or a walkman. Dropped a leatherman, an 8/10mm open end, and a 14mm combination in there along with one clean rag. Will need to add to that quick deposit! lol

Does anyone know of a cheap source for some pretty 5mm id fuel line?
I don't like the look of the thick black weatherhead 1/4" automobile stuff.
Somebody out there should sell fuel line for customs that is red, blue, green, or even clear that is in either 1/4" or 5mm !!!

Asked about chain lube that would NOT sling off and they advised stuff called PJ-1 that will set me back abt $9 for a small can. Whew! Abt 2/3's the price of a replacement chain! lol ...but if I lube the chain I'll have a lesser chance of sitting on the side of the road with my thumb stuck out. :-(

I'd also like to get some kind of positive shutoff petcock.
The little thang that comes with the kit is just so cute, but it's a goony design internally, and I really could not tell if it was really off unless I unhooked the hose.

Tires have leaked a bit of air and the ride sure has improved... lol
I'd btr watch and adjust before they get too low.

The motorcycle shop here are real friendly sort and they've built a real nice dealership with a nice place to socialize, inside or out. Set down on a bench outside and they had nice music playing over their system and everything!
It has been a great day for 2 wheels, under power!
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