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I will use a few tankfuls of fuel mixed with Opti-2 at Dax's recommended ratio of 40:1 so that I will still get what I bought the Opti-2 for in the first place - eutectics. Once the rings and cylinder wall are conditioned by the Opti-2, I will move on to a cheaper oil. I have found out on Auto-Rx Internal Engine Cleaner that American oil suppliers are allowed to fudge on stating that their oil is "synthetic". (Auto-RX is a really cool product that I plan to use soon on my 1999 Nissan Quest that has 285,000 miles on it and has just started to lose gas mileage and horsepower, does not work on two strokes, though). So on these little engines a break-in with the "eutectic advantage" would be more useful than using dubious synthetic or Opti-2 at the risky ratio of 100:1/72:1.

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