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Default Re: watch what females are around your bike.

Originally Posted by bandito View Post
Technically all spiders are poisonous it seems to paralyze their prey, I was wrong in saying only widows and recluses are poisonous. Those 2 though are the most deadly and put the fear of GOD into me. Chances are you won't die but your in for a world of hurt.
Technically they are venomous not poisonous, big difference

Poisonous means they are harmful if you bite them, venomous means they are harmful if they bite you.
Some venom is primarily necrotic and basically starts to digest the prey for the spider and some venom are neurotoxins that paralyze the prey

Most bites to humans are dry bites and relatively harmless. BRS and Brown Widows are actually very docile spiders that you can hold in your hand without fear of being bitten
If you are bitten the chances are very very good that there will be no real side effects

I have been bitten about ten times on the same finger by Brown Widows and have never sought medical attention or needed it. The finger still functions fine and only has an odd row of small callous type tissue down the side
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