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Default Re: A couple of questions for my kit (Clutch, Throttle, Wires)

When the clutch is dis-engaged the rear wheel and engine should turn freely and independant of each other. To stop you would disengage the clutch so the engine could turn freely, which means when you are stopped you would pull both the brake lever and clutch lever.

When you say the back wheel is locked up, will it roll back and forth against the chain? If you took the chain off would the back wheel be able to spin? The way you are describing the problem makes it difficult to rule out anything, it could even be wheel bearing. a rear brake locked up, or a bound up chain. Did you have to carry the bike home?

Assuming it is not the back tire locked up or a bound up chain: It is unlikely running out of gas would cause clutch problems. Is the clutch lever still connected to the clutch arm? When you pull the clutch lever, does it still feel like it is pulling back? Does the clutch arm (attached to the engine) still seem to have full travel? Have you tried to dis-engage the clutch by pushing the arm by hand? When you say 'lock mode' do you mean that the sprocket will not turn over at all, or does it mean forcing the back tire to turn makes the engine turn over no matter what you do with the clutch?

First rule out linkage problems if the engine is turning over. If the system is actually locked up and there is no problem with the linkage, you may need to pop the covers to find the problem. Do not try to force the system to turn if it is locked. It does not take much pressure to feel the engine turn over. Forcing it could make the problem worse if something is locked up inside the cases.

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