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Default Re: 2-stroke + 2-stroke = 4-stroke!

i like the noise, the acceleration, and the look of a 2 stroke. the 4 stroke bike crowd seems to finally be catching up to the performance aspect of the 2 smoker, as seen at willow, but the standard low speed, air compressor-lookin', cheap plastic shrouded 4 stroke just looks stupid to me.

i really dig what the brigg's guys are doing, though. i've seen msrfan and his bro's bikes, as well as Jeff's, and they look great. but they ain't cheap, and it ain't easy.

my goal is to build the fastest modified china doll bike on the planet. after that, who knows? there's plenty of undiscovered 2 strokes (at least for the bicycle market) out there that'll run laps around the china's, and even put a hurtin' on the morini's. if my plans come together, i'll be showcasing one at the next race.

got the skills and the money, just need the time now that i'm back to work full time.
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