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Default Re: A couple of questions for my kit (Clutch, Throttle, Wires)

Originally Posted by fume555 View Post
Question 1:My bike's chain sprocket ain't budging; it's in lock mode. The rear wheel isn't moving at all even if I engage the clutch. I should also mention that I completely ran out of gas at the time when it happened.... when I got back home and refilled the tank to see if that was the problem causing my chain to lock up but it wasn't. I am almost 99% sure that it has to do with the clutch because that's what clutches are for; to disengage the engine so you can pedal. So I'm asking ya'll politely if any of ya'll know what might be wrong? how to fix it? thanks for taking your time for reading all that junk.

Question 2(this is an easy one):When I wanna come to a complete stop all I gotta do is pull the brake and engage clutc.. right? Is the engine still supposed to be running while stopped and clutch engaged? Whenever I come to a stop and pop the clutch, the engine dies. is this normal?
p.s. I'll have a few more questions later dealing with my throttle installation but i'm getting ready to hit the sack.

Make sure your Chain is Not Caught between the Motor casing and the Front sprocket..And or rear wheel And drive sprocket

What scares me is You had this problem when you ran out of gas. ( possible seized Motor)
I hope it's nothing serious.

The motor should continue to Run with the clutch handler Pulled in.

Make sure your Clutch is properly adjusted And your Idle screw is set correctly.



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