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Originally Posted by oldgreyfox33 View Post
It's OK that you bought the engine kit first, As a matter of fact, its a good idea to do that, because you may want to take the engine with you when you go to look at a bike, to see if the front and back motor mounts are going to fit or reach the tubes of the frame that you will be mounting it to. I had to do a make-shift add-on motor mount extension on my front motor mount.
Good to know I didn't mess up on that. I went and looked at bikes today, I forgot I decided not to order the Grubee, I ordered a Raw instead. Still a good motor from what I hear. I'm ordering a cranny and some breaks right now.
I went to walmart and looked at them but I didn't want it assembled by them, they told me I could wait for the truck and grab one when it came in but I had stuff to do and didn't want to wait.
I think I'm going to buy some replacement allen key bolts and stuff, I've never done any thing like this but I saw on another thread that it was recommended.
Here's to hoping I get it all done under $350, I think I'll be fine though.
Maybe if I get good at this I'll have my sister bring her camera over and I'll film a complete build for people that have never done this. But I've got to learn to do the stuff myself first!
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