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Default Re: Really? first GT 50 R went back a second time. He is sending me a new engine that they will be carrying very soon in addition to either fixing or replacing my original engine.

I did take a ride today on the second GT50 R motor I own- I took it real easy as it was over 100 degrees and my second motor only has about 20 miles on it. I am running it really rich-using Opti2 at 30 to 1 for the first few tankfuls of gas. It smokes like a MFer at idle, but I am taking no chances with burning it up. I'm not a speed demon- I just want something that will putt along at 20-25 mph and do it all day long.

I like to take long rides :-)

The new model of engine he is sending me to beta test is slightly less powerful but shouldn't have the same head bolt issues. Should be a cool little motor- I will be installing it on a Schwinn Moab 2 that I used to race.

This bike has disc brakes, I think I will be using on of the Kings disc brake adapters and top hat with a Thatsdax rear mounted chain drive. All I really need to do is save up some money.

I am a loyal Thatsdax customer- he really takes care of his customers. I am a part time computer consultant and use my bike to commute to local jobs. It's a real conversation starter, I've referred a few folks to Duane's site-not sure if he got any extra sales from me, but I sure hope so :-)
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