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Default Re: And Yet Another 1st Cranny Build - Some Issues

Sorry all. it was a kinda sarcastic reply refering to the days of old and their crazy ways.. i do agree gas bike should be coaster brake only unless you are going for that oldschool cool feel... and doin 30 with only a coaster is a personal decision, like swimming in the

about the coaster arm, i was offering my opinion because he seems new to bike building and is being fed a lot of info on one specific part and befor he jumped in with both feet and bent the arm
Picture 016a1a.JPG

( witch mine did not need at all.. no rubbing ect..)

if you use the dust cap that tiny piece of metal isnt strong enuf for the torque you will be putting on it....
im curious from other huffy cranbrook builders.. any one have to bend the arm?? and why?
i did not and have about 120 miles in it and its fine... perfect in fact..

i ride 20 miles a day after work from marina ca to pacific grove ca, about 20 or 22 miles round trip...

no problems for me just smiles! also just trying to help....

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