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Default Re: And Yet Another 1st Cranny Build - Some Issues

Irebo, careful with your advice. I've had two instances that make brakes important. The stock coaster brake will fail and twist into a pretzel. You need to add some other form of braking. Some coasters are strong enough to last...not the Huffy turd. This is coming from my experience with a Cranny build.

Donkey, your rag joint is on wrong. The spokes must be sandwiched in between the two rubber pieces. Your chain will rub the spokes as well as causing added stress on them causing failure. You will need to do the dust cap mod and bend you coaster brake arm in a "z" shape to clear the bolt heads of the sprocket. Use the one sold on Pirate Cycles as a guide to how it should be bent. Throw it in a vice, use something as a cheater bar for leverage and bend in small increments at a time. Be patient and do it right.

Let me know if you need anymore help. I've been threw my bike inside and out about 10x's now.
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