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Default Re: And Yet Another 1st Cranny Build - Some Issues

Uh oh!

Trouble in River City...

Well, the biggie is that stripped out hole, but I'll address another part...

You must install the rag joint with rubber on either side of the spokes.

...unless someone WITH a cranbrook says differently, the sprocket dish must be to the outside, placing the teeth AWAY from the center of the wheel.

Yes, you shall need to bend that coaster brake arm to make it fit... SOP
Put it in a vice and hit it with a hammer, then re-position it in the vice and hit the end back so it points forward again, in a dogleg...

A coaster brake is NOT acceptable for a bike that shall soon be capable of the speed your cranny is going to see!
Make arrangements for a new rear brake AND front brake.

I'm known far and wide for doing dumb, and sometimes stoopid stuff... but NOT for making the same mistake more than once.
...A single brake is NOT sufficient OR trustworthy, and coaster brakes have GOT to be way too much fun for even someone like me.
I really like cheap thrills, cuz that's all I can't spring for... but I at least want a fightin' chance to come out on top of things.

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