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Default Re: Me introducing myself

Welcome.. Being "Green" is no shame here.. (Pun Intended)

I too have had to learn to adjust the clutch and with the drive chain on peddling my bike is harder and takes more out of me but I am getting stronger at it anyway.
Drive chain off and I ride the bike with ease for sure but with the Giant Boulder it loves to coast so peddle, peddle, coast ....

Lets ee since I am rather Green myself on the 16 to one.. I believe that has roots in the petroleum based 2-stroke oils.
Now I ran break in 16 to one with Lucas semi synthetic for a gallon and I see oil leaking out of the expansion pipe at various points and dripping out the end. The Fibreglass has to be soaked now
The Engine did well at first but as it broke in it got Boggy so i took that as a sign that it was too much oil in the mix. Meaning it didn't seem to respond well and I figured that it was time to lighten up on the oil since I read 40 to one is possible and I have read about 50 to one and 100 to one oil.

Now I mixed a 24 to one in a 2 gallon can and I am running that but I plan to go thinner soon. Towards 40 to one to be honest but I am learning so I am experiencing things slowly.

I'm learning too and that is my experiences so far!
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