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Originally Posted by Pycngryn View Post
My experience had been very troubled. After fixing "touching chain" issues with 3 spacer washers on the chainring posts and a washer on the Jack Shaft . 3 miles later the freewheel blows apart causing the chain to warp the small chainring, ruin the Jump Stop and the chain itself. The tool I ordered to remove the destroyed freewheel did not work and so I had to get new crank arms. 10 days and $140.00 later I am hoping to rebuild with extra plastic chain guards sandwiched on both sides of chain rings to prevent deraillments. Anybody else having these problems?
Update: During the front chainring and crank rebuild I discovered that I had intalled the Jump Stop Backwards. Most likley causing the catastrophic deraillments. Stupid Me! Using longer bolts and more spacers, adding another plastic chain guard to the inside of the large chain ring my SBP shift kit now works like a dream! That, in addition to adding a RT Performance carb from ThatDax, my bike is tearin' it up, up here at 8,000+ ft.
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