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Default Re: Best way to crash?

In the response to the senerio above I would try to play it out 2 ways.

Plan A would involve locking the back brake and whipping the rear end around while laying it down while trying to roll my body to either side to avoid impacting witht the car.

Plan B is harder to do and at more risk of injury but can be done. This way would involve me making the choice that I did not have enough time for plan a and hitting the car stright on is the only option or un avoidable.

I would slam the brakes to slow as much as possible hopeing it will lessen the impact speed a little. then right before the hit release the brakes and use the momentum of the impact to attempt to launch off of the bike and summersault or roll over the handle bars while trying to land back down on the hood of the car, then slide off the other side either landing on my feet and running out of it or landing on my feet taking a few steps and summersaulting/rolling agian on the groung till i stop.

I would always prefer to take plan b if it could be done perfect everytime but I know thats not possible so plan a first and if all else fails plan b. Plan B would look awesome if done correctly. I really like the pool idea mentioned above that would be the ultimate master plan.
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