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Question 2-stroke + 2-stroke = 4-stroke!

A 2-stroke + a 2-stroke = a 4-stroke......doesn't it? Well kinda, but not really. It's kinda funny to me how being such a 2-stroke lover most of my life (and believe when I say this, or don't), when I was a kid from age 9, to about 30yrs. young, I really hated 4-strokes. I'm not joking here....not even a little.

Any clue as to what happend to my thinking over the past 20+ years of why i've gone strictly to building 4-strokes? Who really cares, right? Just a little something to ponder over to why people love their 2-strokes and other people love their 4-strokes......and those that love both. I don't really care about what you did to your motorized bike today nearly as much as what I'm doing to mine tomorrow.

Why do you like 2-strokes......and why do you like 4-strokes????

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