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Default Re: Best way to crash?

Actually, I think the best-of-the-best ways to crash would be: a moment before impact you spot a gigantic swimming pool in the yard just on the other side of the car you're going to hit. Having presence of mind to press the kill switch before slamming the car, at impact you soar over the handlebars and over the car and take a refreshing dip in the pool.

You surface to find that the stunning blonde who owns the pool came over to make sure you were okay and offer you a pina colada to take the edge off a stressful situation. Upon finishing your dip, your drink, and some pre-emptive mouth-to-mouth resusitation, you inspect your bike to find that the only damage is a bent front fork. Being like me, you have a couple spare forks in the shed. You take the bike home and have it fixed that very evening.

Wish I could have crashed that way.

(Well, ya know, he did ask for the BEST way to crash.)

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