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Default Estoy aqui! Finally

To start with I'm a phonetic speller, so excuse the following errors. My girl is a Dimondback "Transpoter" commuter (chromoly)frame. GEBE tanaka 40cc, 76mm clutch kit. At the moment the engine is stock with a welded to seat stays "permanent" platform. Top speed: 34Mph without head or tail wind. This one is to be my test bike for the frame I plan to get in the future. I don't like the fact that I have a drive system that is proprietary, i.e. the belt and drive ring. I want to switch over to chain drive soon. Should anyone have questions about my build or just want to give a shout out, your more than welcome as I plan on given/gettin as much advice as I can. So very happy to be a part of the forum now, was waiting until I got her road ready before I did. Please take a look at the photos on my profile as I do not have resizing software(no thread pics yet). Thanks for having me here!
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