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I get a kick out of this thread, returning to it every few months to 'catch up'.

I've been using Opti2 in all my two strokes for almost 20 YEARS!
Boat motors,
and now it is only natural that I run the gas bikes on it. I do the 'break in' and run on Opti2. I've broken in two bike motors with Opti2 - I just fill the tank and ride. No smoke, no special mixes, no oily exhaust.

PS - My boat motor has had a steady diet of Opti2 for about 15 years and I have never even looked at a spark plug. It still has the original factory plug! Why would I change it - it starts on the second or third pull, even at the begining of the season. Opti2 also has a fuel conditioner, so I don't waste last year's fuel, I use it.
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