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Hi all
well i am on my 5th tank of opti 2 mix 100:1.
I was out riding 2 days ago, it was hot i mean HOT 99deg with a 90% humidity giving a real feel of 119deg.
I was in stop and go traffic so i was giving my little 66cc no quarter riding hard, and this engine was getting hot and it started to run better and better. after i got to friends house and hung out for a couple of hours i went to start it to go home and i did not use the choke so i had to peddle a bit to get it started,and man what compression. i wish i had a compression gage, and check compression on a new engine and the compression now.
if you read opti 2 info it states the opti 2 uses heat to reform the metal of a engine or to smooth it out so i am sure this is what opti 2 has done, used the heat to seat my rings. This engine is a strong runner now. long live opti 2
I think using opti 2 is like having sex for the first time, worried and nervous till it over, then love it !!!!!!!!!!!!
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