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Default Re: watch what females are around your bike.

its amazing to me,looking back at my childhood in Chicago and for 15 years after that, i never remember hearing about the brown recluse till i ended up doing time down state in southern Illinois.we never heard about any dangerous insect or animal other than the wasps/yellow jackets/bees... and i have to say i hate them with a passion for how many times ive been stung.

i lived in Florida for close to a year and man,bugs are huge down there,at school they had to teach us CPR and identifying different dangerous insects,venomous snakes and stuff with in the state to look out for. no offense to Florida natives,but god i only hate that state for few reasons,the terrible heat/humidity/and smell of decaying plants or animals... and the bugs, so if the weather don't kill ya the wildlife will! lol

now i live in southern California... yea big change into safety out here right? besides earthquakes,landslides,wildfires,rock slides,and even the occasional tsunami,im told to watch out for rattlesnakes if i go on rides on a MB,the possibility of BRS or hobo spiders here, also we have an abundance of what looks like male black widows in our yard,and where there's males, there's got to be a female. and god knows what else is creating these holes in our back yard and ants attack everything in their path here. seems like mother nature is on the rag out here.

so yea,after reading this thread,i have to look back at things and say,wow,for as terrible as Chicago was,at least i didn't have so much to think about when it came to what can take me out.almost a carefree life except for all the shootings,muggings,stabbings ect ect on my now i live with that and mother nature here!
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