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Default Re: watch what females are around your bike.

Wuts this Rice treatment?

Also here in N.M I suspect I have been bitten more times than I may ever know by the BRS. I think I ruled that out about 3 years ago? I have had in the years here on rare occasion a spot on my skin I know was some kinda bug bite. Always healed and went away. Me guesses no harm no fowl. Shrug. I have seen the little buggers running around.

I worked as a mechanic in Austin Texas. Saw Geckos jump out of the engine compartment. On many occasions saw spiders that were freaky and did not trust sharing the same work space with them lol. The humidity and mild winters there gave way to lots of insect critters.

Had a car on a lift once and my arms tied up wrenching one day when this great big yellow spotted on black I think it was? Great big color full thing ran half way down my arm. Then ran back up and into the engine compart ment. Was time to bust out the carb cleaner lol.
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