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Default Re: Help this bike is irritating!

Its just frustrating because there isnt to much to the engine so if i replace the carb i dont know what else it could really be except mabye replacing the coil but im still getting sparks from the spark plug so it makes me think that that isnt the issue something to do with gas getting to the engine. If it fires up somewhat then its not my connections i wouldnt think b.c i came across that problem before... This engine is only like hmm 2-3 weeks old too so that just makes me even more frustrated. Basically its getting what it needs to fire up but not going all the way... Lack of gas or something the spark is what triggers it to turn over i believe and its doing that but not wanted to quiet get there. Ive had it backfire before and itll do it after sitting for a little bit then trying to run it but it would start right up no problem and clear up.

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