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Default Re: Help this bike is irritating!

Ive already replaced the spark plug thing that plugs in the top of the spark plug and goes to the black box and i bought 3 new NGK brand spark plugs tried all 3 didnt make a difference i noticed where my magneto was the screws were loose from it falling out of balance or what not so i tightened them up and fixed that problem i got it to where it will start up run about 10 feet really rough then cut off im thinking it might have something to do with the carb but the carb looks fine but i dunno when i first installed my engine gas filled up the first hose to the filter then all the way to the carb now ill prime it the whole hose will fill up and as soon as i release it an air bubble will come out of the carb and go right up the hose and push all the fuel that was in the top hose connecting to my gas tank empty it never did that before basically Ive replace the Ignition thing that connects to the spark plug... replaced spark plugs... adjusted magneto... Re-Crimped my wires from engine to Ignition box and kill switch when i replaced the black box... I tried messing with the prong things a little bit in the carb casing and still nothing : / just a little movement and backfiring... Bad Carb?
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