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Default Really?

If you remember, I bought a GT50 R 50cc motor from Thatsdax a few weeks ago-after about 10 days, a head bolt pulled out and the motor stopped working. In the mean time, I ordered a GT50 R from them for a second bike project.

I installed this second motor and it lasted about 30 minutes before a clutch spring broke. Duane is sending me a new set of springs for this motor.

In the mean time- my first motor came back from being repaired and I installed that and couldn't get it to fire. I swapped out the CDI, sparkplug and carb from the second motor (with the broken clutch spring) onto the first motor and still couldn't get it to light off.

The only thing I am kinda peeved off about is that I asked for my motor to be bench tested before it was sent back to me and it was not checked to see if ran.

On the bright side.... I am getting really good at installing and uninstalling motors- I can swap out a motor in about 10 minutes.

I did send the first motor back to Duane and asked Duane to either fix it properly or refund my money......does this sound out of line? I realize stuff happens, but I am out 50 bucks from shipping the same motor back twice.

Kinda has me a little ticked off.
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