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Angry Help this bike is irritating!

Ok so i feel like ive gone through this whole bike over and over again... Ive replaced My ignition wire or w.e. the black box... i have a new spark plug in... and the carb. has been cleaned and is in tip top shape. I had it running yesterday with the old ignition (black box) hook up but the top to where it plugs into the sparkplug was broken... so i jimmy'd it to stay on with tape and what not... today i woke up to go to work and it wouldnt work at all, just backfiring... went and got a new ignition black box... replaced the old one and proceed'd to get it running to get to work... it got me there but very slowly and back firing the whole way... I went through the carb looking at it and what not thinking it was flooding or something but i dont believe so. Throttle is fine its opening and closing like it suppose to. wires are crimpted together and i am getting spark out of my sparkplug... basically all that is left to replace on the dang thing is a carb... which i dont think is the problem... and the magneto or coil... My killswitch is disengaged as well... When i try to start it up just backfires a little bit. HELP ME PLEASE! It would be greatly appreciated. This is my transportation! : ( SOOO far about 400 spent and its getting to the point where its not even worth this hassel but then again i guess i really dont have a choice : / GOTTA work

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