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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Glad your still around Rebel!

There is one member here who has never had a motorized bicycle and is a great guy. Really, the goal of our host is to offer us a place to hang out and talk about a mutual interest. No where is it said any one actually has to have one.

Always try to tell that to folks who want to go to a rally or social motorized bicycle thing. Don't need one to enjoy em. That and motorized bicycle folks are just a blast to hang out with. In person or on-line.

This time of year, lots of folks are doing another build and need to sell their old motorized bicycle for the room or what ever. Just saying can find some great deals this time of year and Fall, they get crazy cheap. used kits and whole MBs.

But any way, glad your still with us.
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