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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Tnx KC !

I'll copy and read that over again in detail...

This was my basketcase motorized bicycle I bought from a college kid...

I replaced some of the rag joint bolts, but bought a size that is too long. So there's a bunch of washers on there to take up the unthreaded length.

The rubber for the sprocket is shaved incorrectly. It runs from thin to thick and will never be right. ...just another prob to deal with eventually...

I was able to fix the warble in the sprocket by loosening it and putting some washers in between the sprocket and the rubber, and torquing the bolts so it ran true enough to keep the chain on.

I went back to the end of yesterday's jaunt to get a pic...

Question is, "How far can you get on a beer can full of mix gas?"
Answer: About an hour or so...

SO... here I am, with an empty tank, kinda pedaling down a grade when the local traffic enforcement passes by the opposite direction.

I smiled and gave him a wave as he went by on his beemer. :-)

Note to self: Grease bucking bar and bearing. Carry A tool to pop master link for long distance pedaling when stoopid catches up with you. :-)
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