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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Interesting tales of a day in MABland!
Here's mine, for the day... and I'll try for a pic, today.

A good day. It makes smoke!
After battling with the rag joint alignment I was eventually able to run the bike up and down the small hills in the hood.
Down is a real thrill! Just not sufficient brakes on this motorized bicycle . And it's a pp little 48cc stock skyhawk !
No exp pipes for me! LoL
Screaming at top rpm through residential areas would be terrifying for me! lol

I was holding it back going down the hills because I did need to re-do the brakes to fit the raised handlebars. The cable housing was not long enough for lock to lock and I didn't want to deal with a problem out on the road, somewhere away from my tools.
...and I'll need to come up with a handy-dandy toolset to carry with me!

Was not able to install the front brake because the old riser had a cable stay in the gooseneck and the new set of bars does not... must look through the pile and see if there is one of those little brackets that works as a spacer in the headset, and also a brake cable stay.

Gosh I hate rag joints! LOL
I watched that video using tape to center the sprocket, then saw where someone mentioned using zip ties as shims... so I stripped some insulation off some 14g thhn and used that at three points around the bearing shell when I set the sprocket on. it worked well enough. Had a major battle getting the warble out of the sprocket and the chain kept binding. ...even filed the sprocket teeth a bit to encourage the chain to follow the proper track.
It did not want to.
Took two links out of the chain, re-positioned the tensioner, and got it adjusted to the proper level of looseness and it's doing well enough now.
I'll definitely be doing business with one of the aftermarket hub adapter builders soon as I get the extra cash. They have got to be a major improvement in reliability and reduction of vibration!

Dumping fuel all over the place so I popped the cns off and had a look inside.
Everything looked well enough, but I went ahead a lowered the float so it shuts off quicker when filling the bowl. I'd rather run shy at top speed than over-fill all the time, I guess. Not sure if that was the problem.

It's four-stroking a lot, except when under very heavy load on a hill.
I had bought #65 through #69 in expectation of re-drilling the main jet, but all of them are too large for the main jet. I tried lowering the mid range needle to the top groove, but that doesn't help either.

This cns has the brass plunger richening circuit operated by a cable...
Are these known junk that can be suspected of dumping extra fuel all the time?

Does the air/fuel idle mixture adjustment affect mid to top end quite a bit on these engines? Idle speed was a little fast, but that was OK by me for the first time out the gate. It did not seem fat, when cold or hot, at idle...

Only needed to pedal a couple times when I had slowed for a turn, then went up another hill that was even steeper... 50ft or so of pedalling was about it til I got some speed back.

I lugged it down pretty heavily, just to see what it would do, and was not disappointed in the power it maintained. This is a well run in motor, so I wasn't concerned with stressing it as I might be with a fresh engine.

It cooled down to be touchable within minutes of shutoff.
No clue where my infrared temp sensor is... kids!

NEED both brakes fully functional !
a bigger seat !
just not enough trail in this Mtn bike frame/fork for speed...
and a rigid front fork is NOT the way to go ! lol
the 195 on the rear is too small, but I'll live with that for a while. The front needs more cush.
battery operated lights for when a break-down keeps me on the road after dark.

Baskets... anyone got advice on baskets to carry the goods?

Came around a turn and found a trash bag of loomies near the park that had fell out of someone's truck... or something...
Gathered em all up, crushed most so they would fit in the torn bag and had a devil of a time working the clutch and throttle, with only one brake operational with any degree of safety to get my dollars worth of cans home. LOL
Now that I think abt it, They'll probably get me a tank of gas!

I'm gonna need a serious basket, maybe a rack, and some way to carry my fishing rods and the metal detector. NOT all at once...
Soon as I get this motorized bicycle dialed in I'm gonna do my best to wear it out!
THIS summer.

......I'm gonna read some threads on that SBP pipe... if it can be dialed in well, with power increase all around, AND run well with a muffler, I'll do it!
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