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Default Re: Hello from Minneapolis *update

Thanks for the welcome!

I have a question for you moderator types...

I mentioned that I work in a fab shop.

Actually I am a LASER cutter operator (3300 watt) and I work alone on the 2nd shift - so I am pretty much free to do "government work" as we call it...

I cut sheet and plate steel all night long out of anything smaller than 6' x 12'.
(anywhere from 30 guage anything up to 1" mild plate, or 3/4" stainless steel)

I was wondering if anybody in our community has a need for "one-off" parts that I can make out of scrap materials (which we have a LOT of - it's not uncommon for me to scrap out 2 square foot sections of unused material)

I can cut custom motor-mounts, sprockets, etc... (just as long as it's FLAT)

All I need is a .dwg or .dxf file (or a very detailed drawing) of the part needed.

I would love to be of help to this community - I'm really not interested in the money aspect. (pay the shipping & buy me a case of beer is all I ask...)

So, my question to you, dear moderator, is where is the best thread to offer my humble services...


a.k.a. Terry
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