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Default Re: New from Northern CA - Noise Question

Thanks for the welcome and the tips. The mousepad seems like a good idea, I'll try that. I already greased everything up with wheel grease when I assembled it.

But, any thoughts on a longer baffle pipe, or some other stronger muffler approach? I noticed one important aspect I've always loved about bicycling is affected- you can no longer hear the cars coming. Obviously, you'll never get super low noise with a gas engine but I am curious to hear if anyone has tried anything. Without actually welding up a custom pipe- maybe one that curves along the bottom of the bike, two or three times the length of the stock pipe- it would be hard to modify what comes with the kit.

Also, anybody tried better air cleaners so you can ride on dirt? Lots of trails around here that I love to ride just to get across town etc.


- Goof
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