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Default New from Northern CA - Noise Question

Just finished the 47cc install of the generic Chinese kit. Oval, not too bad with some minor tweaks. Took some playing with the carb settings to get it right. Now, it's nothing but fun and waiting out the engine burn-in so I can open the throttle some more.

Question: Has anybody added an additional muffler pipe or had success with any other noise canceling approach? It's nowhere near the neighbor's annoying Harley but this is a bicycle first after all, and I very much favor being stealthy. Plus, I've noticed the drive train itself makes a fair amount of noise when pedaling- way more than I expected, in fact. Maybe that will settle down some over time? Seems like the crankcase resonates and intensifies the chain/sprocket noise and, since the chain is always active, there's no getting around that. (Forgive me if this has already been covered in archives)

Any input would be appreciated. Otherwise, it's a gas being powered now (no pun) and looking forward to learning from all you vets on this forum.

Warm regards and cool motored breezes,

- Goof
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