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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Har Nunya, lol. Done that one too.

Don't know how many times I did the fuel off one.

Figured out what my tinging noise was. Spring broke off (again) where it bends to dead-man on the inside of the coil. I am running out of spring. Is really brittle metal. Can be snapped by bending it over.

I broke my own rule and had no tools with me, was 6 or 7 miles from home 45 mins before work. I hate late! Pet peeve thing. Was in Hartford and a maint. guy was near so I borrowed a 8mm wrench to get the cover off and re-bend. I hurried so now have about 6' of starter rope hanging out. But she got me home to get my car. I called the guy I am subing for to say I would be 4 minutes late. He laughed at me. LOL, I got here exactly 4 minutes after 4.
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