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Default Re: watch what females are around your bike.

First, I really gotta stop looking at the pics on this thread! LOL

Oh man Tom! Could you imagine after a day out in the desert shooting at folks who are shooting at you. Ya dig a nice hole to get some shut eye and wake up with that thing curling up next to you for warmth? LOL, I bet some automatic gun fire was heard and woke the whole dang world. I'd a said mess this and pulled a pin.

This is weird but ever since childhood, (last week or so) I always wondered why say we find for the most part some thing like a butterfly to be beautiful and a spider ugly? Is just instinctual memory that one can hurt you and the other can't?

They have found there is a mathematical definition of beauty to a woman's face. But how can one turn every ones head and another be less desirable? A lot of it is procreation and how good a partner in the cave will be but what is that indefinable "thing"? Like can't define it but know it when we see it.

Most folks think bats are ugly but birds are beautiful sorta thing.

I been awake for way, way to long and prolly should have kept that lil ponderence to my self, huh?

Of course, normal folks don't bolt pump engines to a perfectly good bicycle and see if they live to tell.
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