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Default Re: watch what females are around your bike.

i don't know if it is a florida thing or other places do it too,
we let all daddy long legs live.
being they eat bugs & other spiders & tend to not kick in arachnophobia.
we also let lizards & salamanders live too. unfortunately my turkish angora cat is a hunter & takes em out quick.

another funny spider story:
when i lived in a more wooded area, i had a ton of wolf spiders.
i still see one once in a while.
btw. wolf spiders are poisonous but not deadly or create necrotic bites. though the bite supposed to hurt bad.
well i found a stridex pad in my house. i don't use stridex but didn't think about it.
then a few weeks later i see a wolf spider carrying one.
so i try to kill it & a million baby spiders popped out of the pad.
they were already able to spin & were bungee jumping everywhere.
it looks exactly like a facial cleaning pad.

also i have been bitten by a brown recluse. i didn't feel it bite but my whole leg swollen up. then the bite would not heal for over 4 years.
i have spoken w/people that have had to have skin grafts & still would not heal.
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