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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Oh yea, most of us have spaced on how much gas "we thought was left" and "why she won't start"

OMG KCvale! So sorry to read about your house! Fire sucks so much!! I went over to find more pics of your glasspack and saw the thread. Hope you're okay! Glad the whole place didn't go. Hope your insurance covers the lost bikes... Brutal!

You're right about the line between want vs need. Need is clear, like -need new tire/tube, brake pads/shoes, "this seat numbs my junk, need a new one."- Want's can get pricey fast. for sure. The ol' wallet(purse, for you gals) is the hard line drawn for most.


So what I came on to post about was my first 31Mi(48km) boot to a larger town southeast of me. I didn't have batts for the gps, but have a stopwatch on my cell, and using this calculator:
Time, Speed and Distance Calculator I figured out my average mph(kph)

Round trip on the road(stopped watch when I got there) was 1 1/2 hr, total distance 31Mi(48km), worked out to 20Mph(32Kph). And that was around half throttle, it's beautiful out, so I took my time. Plus the vibes got to me going any faster for that long... 45min each way.

The best part of the trip? K, this morning my first stop is the gas station, I got 3L w/100ml of oil(30:1). Topped off my tank(almost to full, h8 sloshing leak) and away I went. I brought the can with me just in case, lol. Made it back no problem, she ran like a champ. When I pulled the cap...(drumroll)... I didn't even use half a tank That was the best part, and why I love MB's so much.

Thanks all for keeping me inspired to keep working on my bike!

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