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Default Re: Pulling Trailers (wagons)

This design was inspired by my engineer friend's design. Mac had a valid interest in cycling as he and his family rode a lot and Jim his son was the first person to ride over 500 miles in 24 hours. Jim had no problem towing the trailer and table around San Diego where he lived. This is a smaller trailer than Jim's at least in height and length, it was probably wider.

Here is a design (Gladiator) I repeated many times and is similar to the one I used for my paper route except that one had a big plywood box so anything could just be thrown in and hauled. This design was very sturdy, and tracked good with no problems to me other than the stopping, starting and turning. Well in other words be careful and learn what you are doing and down shift (A plug for Sick Bike Parts shift kit). You need lower gears and better brakes to deal with a trailer. It helps if you are just a better driver to deal with trailers anyhow.
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