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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by retromike3 View Post
Road my bike to the store today and I think I have to shorten my tuned pipe I don't seem to have any top end. It just cuts out half way though the throttle twist.
SBP expansion chamber?
You can tune them for power band but no matter what you do they won't kill any part of the power band. I think your problem is elsewhere.


I had a chance to get a lot of riding my own bike in recently and did some minor things like beef up my big 'glass pac' muffler's bike mount.
1065x1150 image so click it for the larger pic so you can see some detail.

That big pipe is a bit heavy so it needs multiple mounts to keep it in place with no vibration over 30MPH and no issues at all riding around town at ~35 for a couple of hours today since we got some rain last night and still clouds and much cooler today, it wasn't even 100F when I went riding.

Most of us that post in this thread know our personal bikes right?
They are never 'completely' done right? I mean there is always something more we think we might want right?

I was the same way until I went out riding today in total bliss and it dawned on me...
That was the line between want and need with these things, and where you draw it.

For example this bike. I needed to build a shifter bike when I first started, and needed it to be a solid bike.
After riding awhile I wanted more gears but needed more power and the line was re-drawn.

Fast forward a year and many changes for all the things that went from want to need and my small list of needs is nothing mechanical to be completely satisfied with everything about how it rides, runs, and 'feels' now.

What I mean is when you get your own personal bike to this point take a step back, get a refreshing beverage and your camera, and savor the moment after your long trouble free awesome ride like I did today ;-}
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