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Default Re: Pulling Trailers (wagons)

Actually the force on the seat post is a good thing as that is where I control side to side motion. I towed hundreds of pounds at times but slowly. I actually delivered a car route using a trailer that would handle 250 daily papers and half that of large Sunday papers. You can control very well and I could turn around in a very tight circle either direction. Stability is a function of design not where it attaches. I'll see if I can dig up any photos of my wife or I towing all 4 of our kids around the neighborhood. The only trailer picture I have is this well used one....

Notice the weight is carried low and the wheels are back past half of the deck. I found (from a design of an engineer friend) that wheels at the back end of the trailer were most stable. I may find those photos too as it was a unique design he had me build. It was designed to carry a massage table that folded in half so was long and skinny.
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