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Default Re: Trying to make informed decisions for my first MB

Thanks guys. You've been a lot of help so far.

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
I do feel obligated to warn you these things are crazy and highly addictive. I can not decide what I enjoy more. Building, riding or planning. So yer eventually gonna want 3. The one your ridding, the one your building and the one your planning, snork.
Oh, I know. All bikes, man powered, motor/man powered, and exclusively motor powered are. I've been wanting one for such a long time, and finally have the means to go for it. All my talking about motorcycles and such has gotten my dad back into it from when he was my age. He's actually going to be getting a moto (he has his eyes on a black and chrome Honda Shadow 750), despite my mom's desires. Right now, she thinks his getting a bike is what started me. Boy is she wrong, hah!

Anyway, the only thing keeping me from ordering the engine kit right now is wanting some thoughts on the 48cc Jet from / I think it's a little screwy how both of those domains have the same set up, same items, same prices, same phone number, but different catch phrases and domain names. They even share the same reviews and link to each other in some places. Just makes it a little fishy in my eyes...
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